State recognition of Rubik's cube based on images obtained by Android camera

OData support
Dr. Horváth Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Rubik' s cube is one of the most popular logic games all over the world. However, many people who owns cannot even solve it. As mobile devices has world widely spread we have the chance to help this situation. Camera is standard equipment on older and newer devices and the most popular operation system on mobiles is Android. Processing images is a sequence of operations which demand a lot of calculations. Considering that calculation capacity of mobile devices has been improving these years, and there are some image processing procedures which are optimized for mobile devices, so it becomes possible for image processing to be done by mobiles. Based on these facts it comes naturally to create an application for mobiles with Android OS, which can read the appearance of Rubik's cubes.

The aim of my thesis is to show the basic steps of creating a user friendly Android application which can identify the Rubik's cube and its appearance with the help of photos taken from different point of views. In my thesis I will mention the difficulties of this task and the possible given solutions as well.


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