Flexible Enterprise Master Data Management Solution in Azure

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Managing and storing data play an increasingly important role in today's world.

We are struggling with the ever-increasing amount of data, that will raise the cost of

related activities, so it is essential to maintain data properly and transform it into a more

transparent form. Most large companies can receive data from multiple sources, and often

these data are stored in separate systems. As a result, there may often be some information

in different formats, but with very similar content in several storages. In order to get a

uniform result when using redundant data, it is essential to build a system that provides a

common interface for them, so we need to implement some kind of Master Data

Management system.

This document gives a cloud-based solution to the problem mentioned above.

With the system described, it is possible to load data uniformly into a common container.

After that we can find similarities and redundancies, and then combine the given

information to create an easy-to-maintain and unified dataset. In addition the cloud-based

implementation provides an easy-to-expand and flexible solution, and can help reduce the

cost of maintenance.

The thesis, if not directly, but with minor changes, can provide a lot of help in

building a cloud-based Master Data Management system, and can provide solutions to a

number of emerging issues.


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