Optimization of transformation processes from SAP BW object to InfoProvider

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The dissertation first shows a global overview, how SAP implements an Enterprise Control System. Within this landscape it locates the Business Intelligence component, which included the project.

This document summarizes the necessary knowledge of the Data Warehouses. Gives the fundamentals, trends and consequences for Data Warehousing, defines the basic terms and compares OLTP and OLAP systems.

It exposes the SAP solutions for Data Warehousing. Describes the layers, and their functions within it. This document makes all concepts clear, used for data storing and tries to show the technical realizations behind them. It describes the data flow within BI, and the transformations between different objects; concretizes the expert routines. After this section the document presents the characteristics of the ABAP elements found in the routines.

This composition reviews some technical background information about database tables and internal tables, and then introduces the Development Guideline. Describes the grounding, why these documents are important. It follows the Guideline’s main points to show the opportunities for the improvement of the not optimized program codes. Shows the results of testing, achieved during the comparison of highlighted ABAP elements, extracted from the routines. In the end it shows some results achieved in the actual system with the modification of some routines.


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