Business Processes and ABAP programming in SAP Business Suite

OData support
Orosz Gábor Tamás
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The scope of my thesis work is selecting some business processes of SAP Business Suite and their programming in ABAP language. First, my work starts the architecture and operation of ERP systems. I made an extensive research, why the usage of such expensive systems are advantageous for large companies.

I discovered the system architectures and functions of SAP, the leading software provider of ERP systems worldwide. SAP mostly applies its own programming language, ABAP to application programming. I also used this language for development.

I studied the Materials Management business area of SAP ERP system in detail. I chose an application my tutor adviced to me. I analysed the source code belonging to a chosen function and recognized that there are a lot of old technologies used in this program. Therefore I started with the development phase in which I wrote a new report with the same function, but using modern and efficient programming tools. Then I created an RFC modul from which a webservice could be generated. Finally, the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) made me posseible to publish this particular service via the Internet using a real standard tool.


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