Introduction of SAP FI-CA to a sample telecommunication company

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

SAP is the largest, most common used ERP system (ERP – Enterprise Resource

Planning), provided and supported by the in 1972 founded SAP PLC, which is the

largest software company in Europe, and the fourth largest in the world.

The system is modularized, and their borders are defined by the different

business areas. The two main categories of them are: core modules and industry-specific


The core modules manage those business processes which are indispensable for

every single company such as: finance (FI), controlling (CO), sales- and delivery (SD),

etc. The industry-specific solutions were developed for certain firms. For example SAP

Banking for banks, SAP for Oil & Gas for oil companies, SAP for Telecommunications

for telecommunications companies, SAP for Utilities for utility companies. Both of the

last two examples have a lot of customers who has contract account by the firm.

Therefore the SAP PLC developed a module for managing these contract

accounts (FI-CA) which performs their cost accounting with line items to protect the

general ledger of the explosion that could occur by the very high number of the line

items in cost accounting. It can achieve by managing open items of the millions of

clients of the company. This data isn’t lost, but it goes to the general ledger in a

summarized form bringing together by a reconciliation key. The bill can be created in

this module as well.

The topic of my thesis is the to demonstrate this FI-CA module, to describe the

processes of a telecommunication company, to plan, create and customize a company in

the SAP based on my self-made specification with the relevant transactions and master



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