Development of SAP FICA in ERP Application Integration

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The theme of this thesis is given by an SAP R/3 systemconsolidation project.

The developments considered in this thesis are all related to one submodule: the SAP

FICA or the Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.

The point of the FICA module is, that the companies, which have a very large

costumer basis, next to the functionalities of the traditional finance module, became able

to post documents organized in groups. Furthermore, there are other business processes

implemented in module FICA e.g.: dunning, installment plan, interest calculation etc.

My thesis contains the documentation of the development of three independent

programs, presenting the business logic, the interesting development solutions and the

functionality of the programs.

The first one makes the costumers able to post documents automatically based

on data read from an Excel file. The users can make a test run, and the results are

presented in an ALV list.

The second one is serving to correct incorrectly migrated documents. At more

than a million documents, that were migrated at the beginning of the project, some data

are incorrect. My development is needed to correct these errors.

The third one helps the automatization of the posting of backtransfers, based on

the file provided by commercial banks. Depending on the success of the postbackpayment the program creates payment order lots or returns lots.


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