Development of SAP Fiori application for managing returns documents in SNC system

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular in Enterprise Resource Planning systems. For business leaders, middle managers, managers, it is an advantage that they can manage their businesses or departments easily with their phones.

My diploma work can be related to the supply chain management within corporate processes. It also focuses on documents relating to the delivery between suppliers and customers. These include delivery notes, return documents or documents related to scrap treatment processing. I worked with the processing in the

SAP Supply Network Collaboration system, which is a collaborated platform for these documents in SAP.

During the documentation I made research on the development of user interfaces. I've compared current technologies for mobile applications, starting frameworks used by SAP, and looking at solutions available on the market. I described the used guidelines of SAP Fiori, the SAP UI5 technology, what are needed to develop the application and the related backend implementation.

The development was made in three separate applications, implementing various backend logic and using OData. My diploma summarizes the implementation from the definition of the data structure through the creation and activation of the OData service up to the optimization of the user interface. The application is optimized for the mobile view that is based on the SAP UI5 technology and Fiori guidelines. Finally, I look at the possibilities for further development.


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