Extending SAP Fiori Applications to Mobile Platform by Native Functions

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During the determination of my thesis topic the main goal was to select an area which is innovative but in the same time the need is already exists in corporation’s everyday life. Since SAP acts a major role in companies life since decades it was clear to examine the question from the SAP’s perspective. During my work I was looking for solutions and possibilities provided by SAP to enable companies to use mobile technology in their business processes. I have paid close attention on risk and challenges set by this technology, and I have discovered SAP’s solution for these topics through SAP Afaria. In my thesis I have compared native, web based and hybrid applications by different perspectives.

SAP started to revolutionize the well-known SAP User Interface via redesigning and reimagining some applications and processes to be able to run seamlessly on mobile devices. This new era is called SAP Fiori, which is the ??? of SAP in the UI area. Since I have found out during the examination of the hybrid applications that it is possible to use some native device features in them it was unquestionable that Fiori apps should be extended with such functions. In the other parts of my thesis I present a concept about extending the standard SAP Fiori Leave Request Approval application with push notification receiving capability. I present the necessary developments and configuration settings. Finally, I will test the concept to prove its functionality.


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