Extending an SAP HANA Cloud platform based application by integrating to SAP Transportation Management System

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Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays, considering either the SMEs or the large enterprises, the key indicator for successful, effective and profitable working claimed to be the wide usage of services and solutions provided by the Information Technology (IT). Enterprises produce any value, product, asset or service and these are intended to be sold on the free global market. In the XXI. century, time plays an important role. If the company is not able to reach its potential customers effectively, then the competitors, the concurrency will do this. At the same time, on the other hand, the buyers, the consumers want to get known the goods, the products and the services, to collect as much information as they can, in order to invest those ones which meet their requirements mostly. Beyond that, companies need to collaborate with each other, since all of them are specialized to a given area. There are companies with profile of production, or of logistics or of commerce. The information-, material-, cash-flow between these companies need to be standardized because of the transparency required by the policies of authority. There are complete softwares (so called ERP systems) on the market, which provide standard solutions for these processes. Nevertheless, to reach the consumer, individual applications are to be created. (e.g. webshop)

Within the frame of my work, I have investigated the opportunities how to integrate these different types of applications to meet all needs. I have reviewed the intergation possibilities of the SAP Transportation Management System (SAP TMS) – which is an internationally acknowledged solution in the SCM world – and Enterprise Procurement Model (ESPM), the sample application with webshop functionalities. Last one is using more current SAP technologies, such as and one the most important is the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which supports the management of cloud-based applications.

I hope i could arouse the interest of the Reader and I boldly recommend studying this document. On the first pages, I give a comprehensive theoretical overview about the business processes of the transportation management, mainly about the solutions by SAP. Afterwards, before describing the inplemented application – covering the design, implementation and the testing phases, I introduce the technical considerations of software development and of programming behind.

I wrote this thesis at SAP Hungary Ltd.


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