Recipe structure visualization in Fiori platform

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I present development and integration of a module using SAP Fiori framework in PLM Recipe Development. The module is using the data content from the virtual data model (VDM) stored in SAP HANA to display the run time explosion log as a graph.

For the preparation of my task, I have to study the Product Lifycycle Management software product, the Recipe Development package as part of it and the objects of the Recipe Development: the specification and the recipe. In addition I hade to know the explosion method used to calculate the various calculation results.

After the explaination of necessary business knowledge i'm going to introduce the applied technologies to the reader. These include a description of the SAP HANA in-memory relation based database and its oppertunities that I used as well as presentation of the virtual data model. The introduction will be closed with client side technologies such as JavaScript, SAP Fiori and the PLM Recipe Finder application.

In the remaining part of my thesis I present the development, the implementation and the testing phases of the module and the integration with the waterfall model methodology.


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