Functional test design and automatic execution of Direct Performance Analyzing for customers of SAP SNC

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

This thesis presents the planning and implementation of the functional test of the Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) solution of SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM). Planning was done based on the “black box” method which means I had to define the test cases without the knowledge of the application working on code level.

At first I analysed the queries of the application, which algorithms are used and which key figures are changed by these algorithms. Then I defined all the test cases that are possible and available, so all the variance of variables. Then I determined the test cases that fully cover the functionalality to be tested, that is, I identified all possible and relevant variable combinations.

Test cases were tested using two methods. All the test cases were tested by unit test and complex test cases were tested on Web-based User Interfaces (WebUI) of the application. The basic difference between these test methods is that, only generated data (dates, quantity and required results) were tested in the unit test, whereas the test on the WebUI created Purchase Orders, Confirmations and Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs).

It was also my task to implement the unit test. The unit test receives data from an Excel file, runs the algorithms of the application and finally compares the required results (from Excel) with the calculated results. In case of different results, an error message shows which document contains different values.

The process of testing on the WebUI had to be modified because the eCatt automatic test tool is not updated yet to test the new NetWeaver technology of web-based user interfaces. The eCatt script does not read and check the fields of the WebUI. It checks the results that are saved in database tables instead.


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