Showcase of SAP UI5 in PLM Recipe Management

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I explain the involvement of a web application using SAP UI5 (SAP Development Toolkit for HTML5) framework in PLM Recipe Management and reading the data content from virtual data models (VDM) stored in SAP HANA.

I performed my work as a trainee for PLM Recipe Management Team at SAP Hungary Ltd. The objective of my task was to learn the technologies related to this topic and implement an application that fits the business requirements.

Initially, it was necessary to do overall research on the Product Lifecycle Management software product, mostly the Recipe Management package used by process industries. I describe the main objects of the system, namely the specification and recipe objects (chapter 2.2 – 2.3).

After the indispensable business write-off I list the technologies learned and used during the implementation. There can be found the description of the relational in-memory database technology called SAP HANA and its extension layer, the Extended Services (XS Engine). In the documentation I write about the utilized modeling tools available in HANA and the importance of the XS Engine. After backend logic explanation I continue the essay with the applied client side technologies like JavaScript, SAP UI5 and AJAX (chapter 2.5).

In the remaining part of the thesis I show the development of my application through the known software development process, the waterfall model. According to the sequential design, I start with design description that is followed by the implementation and testing steps (chapter 4.).


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