Development of SAP WebDynpro application for HR performance management

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I studied a special part of human resource management, the performance managemenet. The main goal was to create a system which supports and strengthens the area of performance assessment, competency development, motivation and quality management. I examined the methods of these areas and i choosed „management by objectives” to create a detailed analysis. After that i picked out the possible SAP technologies like WebDynpro, Floorplan Manager and Smartforms.

I made a complex system plan based on SAP Webdynpro from the structure of the elements through the screens and fields to the main functions. The application provides an easy-to-use user interface for the employees of a company to handle their personal career goals. After they proposed their data sheets to the direct leaders, the managers can approve it or send it back. The purpose of this process is the synchronization of the company and the personal goals.

Beside building the data model i started to implement a functional skeleton. I created the core WebDynpro component with the component context, views and other elements and i defined a helper class for the component. At the end of the first phase i had a running WebDynpro appplication in the browser.

In the second phase i made further developments for the employee application, especially for the goal table. I implemented the main functions such as save, propose, send back and approve and i created the approval user interface for the leaders with an extra diagram and excel export function. I paid great attention on the status dependent visibility and accessability settings to protect unauthorized data access (for example after approval). I designed notification functions for the status-changing events. Therefore i created a Smartforms form which is generating into an e-mail body with the help of the helper class methods and after that the form is able to send to the recipient. I also made an administration application which brings together the table maintenances and parameters of the performance management system.

Finally i tested both of the applications (employee and leader) and every function worked well, it fully meets the requirements. It’s ready to use in a productive environment.


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