Evaluating the integration of SAP and IBM platforms in composite processes

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Without informatics, the operation of the corporations of the world is unimaginable. With the use of the different computer studies and regulations, the communication already happens in real- time and cooperation of the systems can not be ensured without the integration of the different components.

For most corporations, the register systems, with the help of which they receive up-to-date information about the tools of the company or the size of the supplies needed for construction , are indispensable. It’s common that the supply-register is part of a more complex corporation control system, that is also responsible for the maintenance of other processes and data. In many cases there’s a need for widespread access to the data of the register system through various applications (depending on their environment, language and data-usage). The inter-system integration, with the help of different servers and applications, offers a solution to this problem. These integration tools fulfill the tasks that would be accomplished by time-consuming development and it’s easier to execute the modifications caused by the dependence that originates from the change of the applications.

Nowadays, the market leader corporation system is the SAP, which offers a wide range of support in the maintenance of the corporation processes and data. The corporation control systems are becoming more and more prevailing and in favor of the effective operation, their cooperation with the other servers and applications of the corporation is inevitable.

The IBM WebSphere product line contains softwares that offer an effective solution for the phasing and the operation of the systems, and enable stable and lossless information stream.

With the use of the above mentioned systems, we can create a system that can take in numerous processes of the corporation and can ensure the operation without any complications.


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