Automated testing of SAP processes

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The topic of my thesis is the automated testing of sales and logistic business processes in SAP environment.

The aim of the first part was to present the processes in detail. The first step was the selection of the appropriate processes. In connection with this part I collected information and created high level models. After that I looked up SAP modules which are connected with the processes. Besides I have analyzed the transactions and operations which are able to execute the necessary steps. I examined the input, output parameters and master data. Finally I have executed all steps of the processes.

In the next chapters I wrote about testing and automated testing. I studied existing testing methods, main principles of test planning and the implementation of test cases. After examination of testing, I created detailed test cases and I figured out the actions, the inputs, the outputs and the control points.

Finally I have presented the eCATT’s functions, components, structure, script language and usage. Creating Test Data Container, System Data Container and Test Configuration were essential parts of the automated testing by eCATT. The steps of the processes were implemented in units to prepare bigger cases from these. After implementation and debugging, I executed the automated tests and evaluated the results.


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