System data on mobile

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of my thesis is a front-end back-end application, which is capable of displaying allergy system data. The front-end was developed in Android the back-end part is written in ABAP language.

The first chapters of the documentationarerelated to the techniques used during the development of the application. I will introduce those mobile techniques which are made especially for SAP and for other concurrent enterprise management software’s and capable of displaying system data. With this introduction I would like to provide comprehensive picture for the readers of the market. Then I will analyze the principles of the Android development and I review the available software and development tools. After the theoretical explanation I will present the prototype of my choice, which was carried out in the application development. With some outlook I will explainwhy it was an important topic for me, to extend the application with these functionalities. In this context, mention is also PLM and GDSN.

The following section will contain the details of the configurations, development and testing processes which were executed by me. Finally I will summarize the past semester.


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