SAP master data on mobile

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

This work focuses on developing a data service implemented in an SAP Business Suite system, which also integrates the SAP Netweaver Gateway framework. The data service is connected to a university project called Price on Mobile. The main goal of this project is to obtain certain business data directly from an SAP R/3 system to display it in an organized clear-out way on mobile devices.

I took over an existing data service – partly made by my colleagues – and continued its developments to fit the specified requirements. During my work the service was extended with new functionality, and its overall performance, data access policies and error handling procedures have been reviewed and upgraded.

The work presents the architectures and the technological background, which is necessary to understand the actual development explained in the later stages of the document. In virtue of the specification two new functionalities were added to the service. Firstly the realization of dynamic data requests was added, which allows the users of the service to determine which data to receive from the server. The range of accessible data can be controlled server-side. The second new feature was the implementation of the automatic user activity logging, which makes it possible to create statistics and analyse the user’s behaviour. The overview of the data access policies led to the introduction of authorization checks and the differentiation between certain authority-groups. This made it possible to control the accessibility of data stored in the R/3 system on server-side. The error and exception handling was also unified throughout the entire program, resulting in a more informative and secure program behaviour. The next phase of the development was the functional testing of the newly added features and mechanisms. The work finished with the performance checks of the main services. During the analysis I managed to locate and unblock two bottlenecks, which resulted in an overall balanced usage of the resource pool.


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