SAR development

OData support
Rösner Vilmos
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

This thesis deals with the detection of the International Space Station, with the DWSR–2501C meteorology doppler radar equipment. The design and conduction of the measurement is presented in-depth in the paper, and the possible usages of remote imaging called the Synthetic Aperture Radar remote imaging method is also introduced.

The in-depth description of the International Space Station is presented first, with the focus on its radar characteristics, such as its radar cross section, the trajectory of the object and its distance from the observer.

In the following sections the most important parameter of the observing radar is explained and an estimation is given about the usable frequency, the output power of the radar, and the needed antenna gain. The in-depth description of the DWSR–2501C radar and controlling and implementation issues are also covered in the document.

The thesis concludes with the presentation and the analysis of the measurement records and its possible usage in microwave imaging.


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