SAR Imaging Using Range Doppler Algorithm

OData support
Dr. Seller Rudolf
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In this thesis, I demonstrate the process of image forming in synthetic aperture radar applications and the Range-Doppler Algorithm through a Matlab simulation. I describe the possible errors in the image forming process and their effects on the image. The simulation is modified to contain these errors, and corrupted images are formed. The program simulates scenarios that can happen in a real life application (the plane's path differs from its designated route, atmospheric anomalies causing phase error in the received signal). The theoretical details of image restoration methods (Phase Gradient Autofocus, Map-Drift, Prominent Point Processing, MultiChannel Autofocus, maximizing sharpness) are discussed, and the MultiChannel Autofocus algorithm is implemented in Matlab. I use this program to restore the original focused image from the corrupted image, then I will evaluate the results. In the end of the thesis the possibilities of applying GPU-technology in the image forming and autofocus process are explored


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