Functional integrability and expandability of SCADA systems

OData support
Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

SCADA systems provide common solution for data aquisition and process control in many industrial applications. With the usage of these systems it is possible to provide a more effective and cost efficient operation for the process.

Like in other applications, newer methods and innovations appear in the field of process control, in order to reach an optimal operation. Implementing new methods influence the SCADA systems in many aspect. Usually the new methods are associated with new devices and functions, which can be challenging to implement in an operating SCADA system. Granting a proper structure for SCADA systems may allow integrating new parts and functions easily.

The safety operation has top priority besides considering the growth directions. To ensure this requirement, the monitoring and analysis of the system failures is necessary. For providing an effective operation, I attempted to grant a proper alarm structure and several failure analysis tools for the operators.

By designing an energy management system I explain the planning steps which lead to an open system. I sepicify a solution for interoperability problems, and a well functioning alarm structure. The advanteges of these structures will be shown on specific display interfaces by carrying out measurments.


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