Calibration of SCARA and humanoid robots

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My appointed task is the J1-J4 or J1-J6 axis zero-point reset of the 4-axis and 6-axis robots with camera application.

In the introduction I briefly review the types of Mitsubishi Melfa industrial robots, and I write about robot calibration, and the classification of that. In the second chapter I show the calibration, including the manual solution, the vision system, the basic operation of the In-Sight Explorer software (I review the search of the patterns here, and the Blob Areas (1-10) function too), the RT ToolBox 2, the Mitsubishi Electric Melfa RV-6SQ robotic arm, and the adherent CR2QA-700 robot controller, the Mitsubishi Electric Melfa RH-6FH-D robotic arm, and the adherent CR2QA-700 robot controller and the R56-TB Teaching Box. In the third unit I write about the realization of the humanoid and the SCARA robot zero-point reset, discussing the conceptions, the steps in case of specific robots, and the zero-point reset programs. At this point I present the board model made for the SCARA robot, I review the measurement of the pattern recognition error, I write about the SCARA robot zero-point reset testing, and I suggest a more accurate reset. At the fourth point I give a short summary, including the executed work and the industrial application.


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