Construction of a SCARA type robot arm

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our every day life we meet robots via the majority of our consumer goods in indirect manner, since these goods are made by robots. The SCARA robots are generally used for mechanical assembling, soldering, material handling, packaging, screw driving and other tasks requiring quick and exact motion.

My task was to design a SCARA robot arm possessing two joints being able to do positioning in a horizontal plane. The robot must meet several obligations. During my design work care should have been taken to design a robot which can be equipped with extra joints. An important standpoint of the design work was the simplicity and the simple assembling of the system. The required sizing of the motor related transmission was a key factor to create a robot arm being able for quick motion.

By robot arms, the size of the area they are able to full fit, the task and the time can be taken as specific factors. The final design gives the robot arm segment size by what I could specify the robot work area size. Knowing the maximum driving moment and the moment modifying effect of the implemented transmission, you can specify the robot arm positioning time.

The final design of the robot decided the parts used for the assembly. I have ordered these parts but some of them must have been machined following receipt. The robot arm was completed by connecting the segments made by the assembled parts. The last phase of the assembling work was the connection of the robot motor and the output electronic panel to the DSpace card. Thereafter the robot arm was capable of independent motion.

To achieve the wanted motion of the robot arm I designed the axial position controllers. To control the robot arm motion a PD controller was used and implemented following set up with the use of the MATLAB-Simulink-DSpace development environment.

As a result of my work a working SCARA robot was created and its connection network and PD controller was also designed by me. The robot arm can be positioned to any point of this working area. Supplementing two more freedom degree is among my future plans. With the use of this enlargement it will be capable of positioning in space and will be suitable for handling small size objects.


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