Management of SCIM ready LDAP databases in REST approach

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

With the growth of the amount of data to be stored, the importance of hierarchical LDAP databases is growing, as their structure makes it possible to respond to data requests quickly. It is important that these databases could be reached via various methods. My task was to show that one of these methods could be using a standard RESTful API.

In the first section I introduce the protocols and innovative standards I used for this solution, including the hierarchical databases themselves, and the various versions of specifications concerning the standards. Then I present the system I set up for the scenario when the data on a remote LDAP database is modified via HTTP, emphasising the importance of the special requirements of the components. Furthermore I introduce the schema of LDAP databases, highlighting the difference between the relational databases. I also show some use cases with working examples on data manipulating operations and schema extension possibilities.

I examine two different LDAP server implementations in order to prove that the solution I recommend does not depend on one concrete LDAP server, only the standard LDAP interface is required. To show that the RESTful interface can interact with a custom application I present a java program for automatic provisioning of users from data files stored on the local machine.

Finally, I summarize the experiences about accessing to LDAP databases this way, and I also recommend some further development options.


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