Design of video signal converter (DVI and VGA to DVI)

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Dr. Gaál József
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The object of my diploma is to design a conversion system which can receive SDI-DisplayPort-DVI-VGA-input video streams. The system can convert these video streams to DVI-output video stream. If it is possible the conversions are without any loss of quality.

During my work:

- I have come to know the related video standards (VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI), of which I present the most important parts on the documentation,

- I have chosen the most suitable integral-circuits to the project, of which I have invited tenders and documentations from the manufacturers,

- I have explored and analyzed competing products available on the market,

- I have made the specification and I have designed the functional block-scheme of the system,

- I have made the functional description and high-level software specification of the system,

- I have learned the general rules of design and I have taken into consideration the aspect of productibility (manufacturing).

The thesis includes the complete documentation of my work.


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