Research and Develompent of an SDI Input Card

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Kovács Imre Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The object of my diploma is to design an SDI Input Card for Lightware modular DVI matrices. The card must have eight BNC video-, and eight S/PDIF audio-inputs. It also must be able to receive SDI, HD SDI and 3G SDI digital video signals.

The eight received signals must be transformed to eight DVI, HDMI signalstream, according to the inside architecture of the matrix switcher. During the format-conversion also the SDI audiochannels must be embedded into the video signalstream (audio embedding).

During my work:

- I have come to know the standards: SDI, HD SDI, 3G SDI, HDMI,

- I have designed the functional block-scheme of the card,

- I have chosen the most suitable integral-circuits to the project, invited tenders and documentations for the manufacturers,

- I have designed the circuit-diagram in the program: Mentor Graphics DX Designer,

- I have also made the design of the printed circuit board in the programs: PADS Layout and Router.

During my work I had to observe the intern design rules of Lightware, and the producibility aspects.


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