Capture and Control of SDI Sources

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

My Master’s thesis’ subject is to design and implement a system, which is capable to record two SDI (Serial Digital Interface) sources at the same time with two hardware cards having SDI input channels. The application is also capable to control the connected recorder via serial port to start or stop recording.

Beyond processing the literature, I introduce the relevant standards and the family of high speed video interfaces, focusing on the family of SDI interfaces. Furthermore I briefly introduce several devices with SDI interfaces used in studios and post production environment. I demonstrate the chosen SDI hardware card and the devices that are capable to be SDI sources. In my thesis, I present the technical features of the chosen devices in details, particularly with regards to their programming and controlling workaround. After describing the software implementation, I present my solution of recording the sources, monitoring the recording process and registrating the recorded files, in other words I demonstrate the software I have created.

Finally, I write about the measurements I have carried out with the software and hardware system. Then I evaluate the results and the operation of the software.


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