SDN-based virtual networks

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

These days one of the new wave of the network control systems is the Software Defined Networking (SDN). The core feature of this technology is to separate the data transmission from the data flow control (i.e., data plane and control plane). Because of the centralization of the complex control tasks the system become more flexible, the data transmission devices become simpler and cheaper, in addition the efficient support can be provided for the standard network function virtualization (ETSI NFV). This combination of features makes it possible for the individually designed operator networks to be cost-efficient architectures composed by standard infrastructural elements.

During the first phase of my thesis writing I introduce the relevant literature in order to provide a deeper understanding in the field of SDN, NFV, RPC, TCP and the Linux. Nowadays these advanced network solutions are really popular among the service providers.

In the next stage my goal is to get to document the preparation work within the provided environment of Ericsson Hungary including the complex testbed, the devices and the development tools.

Furthermore I will introduce the prototype of the remote procedure call which was implemented by me aiming to modify the configuration of the data transmission devices. All the design and implementation phases are documented in this thesis.

After all I show the testing procedure performed in the laboratory of the Ericsson using physical implementation of a multiprocessor network.

Finally I conclude my thesis and draw potential future extensions.


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