Implementation of virtual network functions for SDN networks on top of the Click platform

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a novel technology that manages network ar-chitecture in a programmable way, and therefore it is increasingly gathers ground in both researching and in the industrial society. Moreover, the ever-growing demands from subscribers toward network reliability and performance has grown so wide that the cur-rent system is unable to provide the required services. Thus, technology shift is required in this field to be able to provide future requirements as well, which numerous experts believe that SDN could be.

Furthermore, the utilization of SDN comes with an even bigger advantage; it be-comes possible to expand the network with any functionality by using virtual network functions (VNF). Thus, the current hardware based network appliances (middleboxes) could be implemented into the system as a software, and even more functionalities can take an existing form, which would have been impossible otherwise. By turning hard-ware appliances into a software implementation also creates the opportunity of improv-ing them further, and also enables to give new functionalities without investing into a costly, new hardware equipment.

The Click Modular Router is an ideal choice to create VNFs, due to the creation process is pretty straightforward, while the outcome proved to be very efficient. Popu-larity of the Click software is ever growing due to this simple fact, and it is used by more and more researchers to create configurations of network functions.

By keeping in mind the drawback of the current telecommunication networks and also taking into account the requirements of future systems, I chose to implement Network Coding as a VNF, because it can provide a feasible solution for every require-ment. Nevertheless, it is currently impossible to integrate into the current network, there-fore by creating a working VNF that implements Network Coding could have a great impact in the current system as well.


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