SDR component coding focusing on HDL conversion possibilities

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

During my diploma work, I was responsible for examining a selected element of the SDR, ie Software Defined Radio, using both the C language and one of the HDL (Hardware Description Language) languages.

My research can be divided into 3 major parts, these are the following:

• Selecting and implementing an SDR component, using an own chosen program.

• The implementation of the selected SDR component in C. I made four types of implementation for resource analysis, these are:

o usage of double numbers in the [-1;1] interval, where these numbers are not the powers of two

o usage of double numbers in the [-1;1] interval, where these numbers are all powers of two

o usage of float type, floating-point numbers in the [-16;16] interval, these are also the numbers of the powers of two

o usage of integer numbers in the [-512;512] interval, similar to the previous two cases (float, double powers of two), here also were the powers of two

• Choosing an HDL language, then converting the C code to the selected HDL language.

The last job was to analyze both, C and HDL code for resource usage and to draw conclusions from the received data.

All in all, my main task was to get to know the different development environments both in SDR implementation and software optimization as well as in hardware optimization with the simple implementation of the SDR transmitter, creating a good basic knowledge that in the future I can apply for further development of the project.


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