Impementing SICU process support in .NET workflows

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

At the clinical centre Großhadern in Munich a new IT system for intensive care department was launched. This patient data management system (PDMS) was developed for the specific requirements of the intensive care medicine. The application called QCare was invented by Health Information Management (HIM). A ready-to-use version of this application was successfully tested at the intensive care department. The target of this project was to adjust and upgrade of medicinal software in cooperation with doctors and nursing stuff. During my working experience I take part in this project. Out of these my thesis results.

During the working experience my duties were exhaustive documentation of the sequences in the surgical intensive care department and the research of usage and function of QCare. Additional I was engaged in the development of my own application with .NET environment, which was implemented in QCare after that. During the process of development my tasks were the communication with producer HIM in a weekly conference and the collection of feedback information from the doctors and the nursing staff.

By the end of my working experience a prototype system was developed, which matches all requirements of the doctors and the nursing staff. This system provides a few user interfaces which simplifies documentation work and were easy to use. This applications are compactible to QCare and supports the nursing stuff by adding monitoring data to QCare by using the simplified user interfaces. The timed effort of documentation was reduced from twelve clicks to a forth of this. Thanks to this saving of time doctors and the nursing staff can spend more time with personal care.


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