SIP based bulding automation system development

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

One magnificent achievement of modern age is the „intelligent building”, which can serve its job without human intervention. The operators of these edifices are the building automation systems. The intelligent building must provide security, comfort, and above all the low expense and energy saving. However, not only a new building can be intelligent. Old buildings cheaply can be converted to intelligent with ethernet based building systems. The communication between the devices is very important either. The SIP (Session Inintiation Protocol) protocol is an ideal choice to create sessions between participant devices. SIP has simple structure, and it can be handled flexible. The protocol can carry various forms of real-time multimedia session data, which can be selected of the actual demand.

My target was to create a modular building automation device, which can measure temperature, illumination, and which can intervene to devices. The modularity is very relevant to my project. My aim was to plan a modular device, because depending on the applications, requirements are really different. With sufficient modularity these expectations can be served easily. So I planned and built a prototype of the device, which can serve building automation tasks like tempearture measurement, illuminance measurement, switch circuits.


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