Development and integration of SLA monitoring device with Slack collaboration platform

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

Customers demand for their cloud products to work every minute of the day can

be achieved by providing the right technology and human infrastructure.

In my Thesis my goal was to develop a software robot that facilitated the

management of the error management and monitoring process associated with software

operation. There are several channels available for detecting and managing faults during

the service. This can be a personal or automatic e-mail message, a ticket displayed in a

ticketing system, or a visual indication of an information display. A uniform, easy-to-

understand representation of such notifications will greatly assist the work of the

responsible people.

During my thesis I researched on the use of chat programs for corporate tasks.

I've compared chat tools and traditional communication tools from the point of view of

knowledge sharing, task organization, innovation processes, and application integration

opportunities. In relation to corporate process management, I compared the widely

accepted ITIL methodology and SAP's own process management methodology. My

literary research concludes with the methods of measuring service levels expected by

users and the presentation of technology and work organization tools for incident


Among the technologies I have used, I have presented the operation of the Slack

collaboration platform, as well as the REST architecture, the SAP Cloud Platform

CloudFoundry runtime environment, the Python language and PyCharm development

environment and the data source BCP, SPC and Availability Service systems.

In the design of the task, I presented the expected functionalities of the users. I

explained the relationship between the components of the system and the way of

communication between the components. The rest of the thesis describes the application

development process, its structure, and the completed functions. In the last chapters of

the Thesis, I present the process of testing the application and I propose to further

develop the application.


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