Developing SNMP interface for telecommunication devices

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

SNMP is simple UDP based protocol designed to manage computer networks, but recently various embedded systems have also started using this protocol. These devices not only enable the user to manage network specific configurations, but also allow monitoring the status of the device or modifying its setups.

My task was to create an SNMP Interface module for BHE Bonn Hungary Electronic ltd., which is able to connect to IP based networks using Ethernet Protocol. This module needs to implement SNMP and allow users to communicate with the connected telecommunication devices through SNMP. These devices can be connected to the interface module by RS232. The module recognizes the connected device type, implements the communication, and allows the monitoring and configuration of this device via SNMP.

Furthermore, the interface module implements additional features too. It allows direct communication with the connected devices through a software implemented TCP/UART Bridge. It is also possible to transfer huge amount of data through TFTP protocol and upgrade the firmware of the interface module. Finally the device supports DHCP, which makes the connection to networks easier; and an easy self developed UDP based protocol is also implemented to help device discovery via large networks.

In this thesis, I present the major aspects of hardware design, the devices used, and the schematic of the interface module. Finally I describe the implementation of the software: the functions of the SNMP and the communication with telecommunication devices are discussed in this thesis.


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