SNMP module development for an Enterprise Architecture Management System

OData support
Pap Zoltán
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The central question of managing enterprises is complexity. Complex environment, complex flows, complex changes, complex decisions. Treating complexity through architecture based approach is an age-long experience of engineering. This approach is at least as useful for management, as for engineering.

As information technology obtained greater accent in business flows, IT has taken greater risk for business. This revelation in business opened the way for merging IT and business knowledge into the same system (architecture). Enterprise Architecture has born at this time, which handles these two systems as one.

As a tool for managing these enterprise architectures, new complex software solutions were presented. All of these solutions rely on huge databases with incredibly high amount of information. To record information, enterprises can use human resource or they can automate it using other software products where possible. In this thesis I will plan and implement a software tool, which is capable for collecting information from network devices and upload them to an architecture management software product.

In the course of thesis I will try to share some useful information about IT infrastructure management and about a protocol, which is an important part of my tool’s solution. Finally I will give an overview about planning and implementing this tool.


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