Extending the SOA Metamodelling Framework with Apache CXF Tool Support

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The service oriented architecture (SOA) is a paradigm to connect large-scale IT systems. One of the possible implementations is the technology of web services, which provides standard, platform independent communication solution between each element.

Nowadays, many software vendor offer different kind of platforms and developing tools, which help to develop and maintain web services. But the capabilities and the configurations are different in these tools, which makes hard to develop and maintain a platform independent web service.

To solve this issue, the SOA modeling framework was developed at the department. This tool defines a domain specific language, that can be used to define and descript a web service in a platform independent way. From this description, the tool is able to generate source code, which is ready for compilation and deployment for many web service platforms.

In this thesis, I will present this modeling framework, then I will examine the configurations offered by the Apache CXF framework. Based on the result, I will extend the code generator, which is the part of the modeling framework, to support the CXF framework. Finally, I will test and validate the generated code against the requirements.


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