Developing SOHO honeypot in OpenWrt environment

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In our days computer system and network security has increasing importance due to the fast evolution of Information Technology Industry. Due to growth of the internet, there are more and more network applications are developed. In parallel with the issue of the applications, small programs (so-called exploits) and malicious applications that use exploits (so-called malwares) appear to exploit their flaws.

In protection against malwares and exploits, honeypots can be an effective solution. Honeypots are computer systems that are installed for the purpose of capturing attacks and therefore they can serve detailed informations about the attack. With the use of these informations the security of the production system can be increased.

In my thesis I review the different kinds of honeypot systems, including their architecture and operation and compare them, then I examine their applicability in a SOHO environment. After that I will present my low-interaction honeypot system reviewing the functional and architectural design of the honeypot and its implementation as well as the associated user interface. Finally I finish my thesis with testing of the system with Metasploit Framework penetration tester application.


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