Design of SPI-PSI5 Converter Modul

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

My task is a part of the USI project, specifically to create a conversion tool between two communications SPI and PSI5 which is used mostly in automotive field. For the task an Atmel AT91 development board is given and an SMB431 sensor which is using PSI5 communication for data transmission. To bridge these two communication protocols, a design of a converter circuit is needed. The part of the design is to get the knowledge of these communication interfaces, the circuit design (schematic, wiring) and assembly.

At the beginning of my thesis I present the PSI5 and SPI for the easier comprehension. Then the function of SMB431 sensor and AT91 developer board will be described. At the end of the thesis the design steps of the converter module, the applicated circuit elements, the schematic of the circuit and the layout are going to be introduced. For the function of the converter module an internal DC-DC power supply module design is also part of the task, because the module should work with the USB power supply of AT91 developer board.


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