STM32 microcontroller based module for rapid prototyping system

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Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The primery goal my thesis is to design a STM32 based module for a rapid prototyping system.

My thesis begins with a short introduction, which presents the Raspberry Pi and the Ratherboard devices. Xtalin Ltd. designed the Ratherboard device and they offered it to me during my work. And finally I define the specification of my project.

The second chapter presents the hardware designing, in which I choose the modules and I make the circuit diagram and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designing.

The third chapter presents the tests of the prototype, which means the test of functions and the error searching.

The fourth chapter presents the radio frequency modules. That means that, I present the software architecture of the Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi modules in detail. After I check the functions of modules with simple applications and I improve the driver of Wi-Fi module.

In the last chapter, I summarize my thesis project and my experiences with the hardware. And finally, I summarize the results of my work.


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