Template based article generation for digital magazine

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spread of tablets and large-screen mobile phones influence the media consumption. The role of the printed newspaper is slowly taking over by the digital magazines that provide a new kind of reading experience for consumers. It is not enough to digitalize the printed media, but it is advisable to make a new method of structuring the content to provide a real digital experience for the reader.

The purpose of the thesis is to automatize the process of converting the print media to digital media, while retaining the possibility of tuning the sub-processes. The improvements were integrated into an existing e-magazine editor application.

The study describes the importation of the printed media contents using abstract data models. It also explains how the editor application was extended with elements that support the creation of templates. The given solution of fitting the imported contents to created templates and the generation of digital articles using the results is also presented. The thesis shows the interfaces that extend the editor letting you edit templates, generating whole issues and tuning the fitting algorithm.

At the end of the paper you can see the entire process in which the articles for printing will become a whole digital magazine.


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