Template-based document creation using a dynamic data structure

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In corporate environments, there are many documents that are created using a template, e.g. invoices, contracts, reports. Their common characteristic is that they have two components: static (unchanging) and dynamic (changing by each document) text. Automating the production of these papers is usually done by tailor-made, specific software solutions. The aim of the thesis is designing and implementing a software package that completes the process in a general, reusable way.

The thesis presents already existing solutions for the task at hand. Hardships are raised by both the environment and the task; these and their solutions are shown. An overview of the general data structure – which allows for the all-purpose implementation of creating documents – is provided. Also presented is the generating process from the first step to the last.

The creation process consists of two parts: making a template and generating the document. In the thesis, these components and their connection are presented, so is the degree of support they can receive from my software and the tools to achieve this support. Shown are the structure, inner behavior and user interfaces of the software component that helps the user create templates. Subprocesses of generating documents are demonstrated, the implementation of each subprocess is expounded, and the tools used are presented.

In the Summary, difficulties arising during the implementation phase are made known, and further improvements to the software are suggested.


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