Development of template library for PLC systems

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the industry of the modern age, the automation of production is an indispensable condition for large-scale production. The use of equipment accelerates and clarifies production and ensures the quality of the finished product.

The thesis focuses on the use of industrial controllers as well as the most important manufacturers on the market. The specialties of these manufacturers and their development environments are also presented, by comparing the specialties. The essay also discusses communication between industrial controllers and the display system, as well as controllers from different manufacturers. After that, template libraries are presented which were familiarized during the semester. These provide a good basis for the template library to be developed. The dissertation also outlines the conclusions drawn from these structures.

The second half of the study contains a description of the developed template library. In addition to the alternatives and directional choices that arose during the work, the main steps of the design are presented. Furthermore, the advantages of the proposed structure will be analyzed against the libraries described earlier.


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