Building a chessroom application in Javascript

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Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Using the internet become very popular nowdays. The opportunities offered by the Internet is constantly growing. Most of the services use it. The technology of internet has grown so big, that you can use a smartphone to visit a webpage, as easaily as a laptop to visit it. The most popular usage is – using with smartphone, tablet or computer.

The applications - which run in a browser, call webapplication. The most used webapplications are games. Everybody has some free minutes to relax, to travel etc. Everibody has a smartphone, tablet ot laptop with internet connection, so why do not they use it, to play a game in the free time.

One of the most popular and most likely games is chess. Every body could play in the free time play a short exciting, or a long, but harder chass game.

The goal of my thesis is to demonstrate the development of a multiplayer chess game as a webapplication. I will show the most used technologies to do it, and I will show the detailes about how to architect an application like this.


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