Supporting of sales process based on data analytics

OData support
Nagy István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Supporting activities with data analytic processes is getting more relevant as the amount of information created and replicated is doubling every two years, and new analytic tools can help even better organizations gain insights from their data.

Predictive analytics service is an advanced, cloud-based solution for increasing revenues by building analytic models on CRM data to determine the potential for each customer.

Conversely, predictive analytics service has been built on an extensible framework, which supports sales activities with data analytic processes in various ways. This framework consists of three professional elements, which are easy to use.

As the most popular CRM system, Salesforce is responsible for collecting sales and customer-related data in the cloud. Using an application inside Salesforce, it is possible to start custom data analytic processes on the user interface and get supportive informations to optimize sales.

RapidMiner provides an integrated environment for predictive analytics and business analytics. By creating custom operators, it is possible to query data from Salesforce to build models on it, then updating the results in the CRM system.

Connecting RapidMiner to RapidAnalytics, data analytic processes can be invoked as a service in Salesforce anytime. RapidAnalytics also gives the possibility to work on data mining in collaboration as the processes are stored in the cloud.

Combining the parts together predictive analytics service separates the roles of sales and data mining, while it provides a dynamic environment to create and work on data analytics making sales activities even more efficent.


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