Lane Following Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicle

OData support
Nagy Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Developing secure autonomous cars is one of the biggest trend in the car industry nowadays. These systems are very complex and consist several modules. Lane detection is a crucial part of these systems, which helps to detect the lane and control the car to stay within that.

In my thesis I am going to review the fundamental basics of computer vision. I collected the common solutions and I will describe how these work. I participated in a project where we created a framework, which helps the development and makes it possible to test and simulate the result on videos. We have implemented this framework in C++ using OpenCV, and we extended the library’s classes and functions for more convinient use.

The main goal of my essay is to introduce the lane detecting algorithm which I implemented. My solution can detect the lane and find the center of it. I have tested my program on videos for the present but I will have the oportunity to implement the lane keeping function by controlling the car in the near future.


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