Analysis of Bandwidth Sharing Schemes for Elastic Traffic Models

OData support
Dr. Biró József
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Examination of the bandwidth-sharing in elastic traffic models

Nowadays there is an increase in the number of different mobile services however these services have different bandwidth requirements while the user equipments have a differing maximum available bandwidth capacity. It is an important question how to handle these differing resources and demands under high load. In data traffic supporting mobile networks, it is important to handle the elastic network flows, to identificate the bandwidth sharing methods and the proper resource sizing. I analysed the prevailing bandwidth based models from the most relevant articles and through them I delineate the bandwidth sharing methods of the elastic flows. I determined the correlation between the bandwidth demand and the expected value of the packet size, the packet intensity and the peak rate with simulations. I created a search algorithm for non-linear optimization. With this algorithm, I have been able to determine the optimal parameterization. I also implemented a graphical user interface for my program to efficiently running the simulations.


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