Development of a Prototype for a Wound Healing Monitoring Device

OData support
Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

In the clinical practice, the proper care of the wounds is of primary importance in the case of accidents, postoperative and ulcerative ulcers. It is a basic expectation of the treating physician or nurse to provide continuous or regular information on the healing of the wound. If a patient chooses a home-based hospitalization, the wound examination is more difficult for a physician to do, which can be a key reason for remote monitoring in these cases. The role of the intelligent bond I developed is to facilitate the work of both the physician and the patient by monitoring the process of healing and, in the event of a problem, warns the user and the physician about the need for a check or a replacement.

During my thesis I developed an intelligent tool that can provide continuous information about the various parameters of the wound healing, such as temperature, humidity, and the tightness of the bandage. While studying the literature I have concluded that these parameters are able to determine the condition of the recovery of the injury. According to the final wireless, point-of-care application during the development I focused on the minimisation of the energy consumption of the electronics. For testing the proper functionality of the sensor system, I was making various tests using different wound dressings applied in medical practice, as well as their influence on the operation behaviour of the sensors.


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