Startegic development plan of Sellye district MV network

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In Sellye, Vajszló and other settlements in or near Baranya county the voltage fall in the middle-voltage network in normal operational mode is 3.5-5%, in sigle failure situation it can exceed 10%. According to the MK1 network designing handbook’s chapter on MSZ-50160 standard these voltage fall levels are not allowed.

In my thesis I propose two ways of network development that could provide a solution to the problem for the estimated network use for the year 2022.

My first proposal is the deployment and integration of a 132/22 kV microstation to the middle-voltage network in Vajszló. In order to supply the high voltage side of the microstation it is necessary to provide a transmission line from the busbar of the 132/11 kV station supplying the cement plant in Királyegyháza to Vajszló’s north west border.

My second proposal is the expansion of the 132/11 kV station that is currently supplying the cement plant in Királyegyháza by a complete 16 MVA 132/22 kV transformator field. The middle voltage side of the station would be extended by 4 cells which would provide for the consumers of Szentlőrinc and Vajszló and could also cope with some additional load from other middle voltage lines in the area.


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