Integrating Setty into CIRCLE cloud

OData support
Dr. Kápolnai Richárd Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Developed by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology, and by Public Administration's Centre of Information Technology) CIRCLE is a cloud Infrastructure as a Service solution, which users can use to create and use virtual computers. In order to extend the capabilities of CIRCLE Setty's development has been started developing, which aims to start CIRCLE in a Platform as a Service direction by enabling users to run arbitrary software on their leased virtual computers and providing a graphical interface to design the desired model with minimal IT knowledge required.

Using Setty users can put together a model of the envisioned system using a graphical interface, where users can add services, machines and connections between them. The finished model can be deployed by pushing a button on the graphical interface with no further action needed as Setty performs validation of the model, installation and configration of the services automatically.

The thesis shows the integration of Setty to CIRCLE from the moment where the existing but highly modified interface was adapted to the graphical user interface, all the way to carry out (basic) configuration management tasks.

The thesis presents the concept of Setty and technologies used in it's development. Modifications which are made to reach the current state of Setty where it is able to perform its tasks will be presented in details. I will make suggestions for further development opportunities as the closure of the paper.


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