SharePoint Server 2016 farm solution assessment tool

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

SharePoint Server web application, built by Microsoft, is a collaboration platform which is widely used by mid-sized companies and enterprises, enabling their employees and business partners to share different kind of digital content amongst each other. The first version of SharePoint Server was published in 2000, and numerous versions have been released since then.

Customizing SharePoint Server to meet unique business requirements is a very common task. To achieve this, we have many options – one of the frequently chosen solutions is to use extensions developed to integrate into the system. As the amount of stored data and the degree of intervention in the system keeps growing, it is getting more and more difficult to accomplish maintenance operations. Some operations require comprehensive assessment of the existing system during the planning phase: a version upgrade, performance optimization, migration or deploying other extensions may render the entire system useless.

Various software exists on the market being capable of quickly analyzing a SharePoint Server system built atop of standard building blocks, however these are completely unable, or only partially able to handle custom extensions, thus these cannot retrieve information on extensions about their integration to the system and how they interact or interfere with it.

The purpose of this thesis is to introduce SharePoint Server and the opportunities of customization, also to provide system operator experts and engineers a software tool, which can analyze custom extensions. In this thesis I am going to demonstrate the principle of operation and design aspects of the software tool, also, I am going to demonstrate using the tool in a real-world environment.


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