Designing and development of the Sharing Community portal on php basis

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In these days, the overconsumption is an increasing problem to humanity.We buy things, what we don’t really need, or we just use them once or twice. This is imporant not just because of economical reasons, that the people will spend their money on more useful things, but the pollution would be reduced if we would fight against the phenomenon correctly. An appropriate campaign would redound the people’s attitude’s improvement, so there would be less bought product end up in the garbage, and it would reduce significally the pollution.

Beside the marketing tolls, there are some IT solutions, that would worth a try, which could exploit the community’s converging power. With a sample, seen abroad, i’ve created an instrument during my thesis, which can help the registered users to lend their not, or rarely used products to each other, improving the utilization of items, reducing the unnecessary spendings, and the pollution created by this.


I’ve made literature research, during which I’ve came to know the foundations of the Sharing Community, with it’s advantages and disadvantages and i’ve came to know the WordPress content management system, and the PHP programming language aswell, which was the basis of my application.

I’ve made an application, where users, after the registration are able to upload products, manage them, and share them between each other. The application is PHP based, using the advantages presented by WordPress.


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